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Who is my pilot? What are their qualifications?
Your pilots are experienced balloon pilots licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration. They have been flying hot air balloons for over 24 years and have flown commercially for clients such as Macy's, Famous Footwear and Energizer. Hot air balloons are regulated by the FAA and you must receive training and licensing just as you would to be able to fly an airplane.  

I booked a flight...what do I do now?
You will receive an email confirmation about the date your flight is booked. You will be contacted by your pilot the night before the flight to finalize arrangements about meeting places and times.
Why do I have to wait until the night before to confirm my flight?
Hot air ballooning is unlike any other kind of flying. A flight is completely dependent on weather conditions, especially wind speeds. Your pilot can't tell you anything about the flight until he has the most up to date weather report. This is generally at 6:00 the evening before a morning flight or 10:00 am the day of an evening flight. If weather conditions are favorable, he will call you to set up the meeting time and place. If conditions will not allow the flight, he will call to schedule your flight another day.  

Where do I leave from? How do I get back?
Hot air balloons are not like airplanes or helicopters. There is no airport to leave from, nor landing site to return to. Departure sites vary with wind direction and ground moisture. Your pilot will choose a site based on the wind directions and let you know where to meet the night before a flight. A chase team follows the balloon on the ground and will be there to return you to your departure site.

How long is the flight? 
Ballooning is a fair weather activity. Most flights last an hour, sometimes less if the weather turns and sometimes longer if conditions permit. Your total time will be about 3-4 hours which includes the crew setting up and inflating the balloon (an exciting thing to watch!), the flight itself, deflating and packing up the balloon at the end of the ride, the champagne toast and transportation back to your vehicle.

When do I leave?
Flights usually meet one hour before official sunrise or two hours before official sunset. Balloons must be on the ground before official sunset. (This time changes throughout the year)
Is there an age limit? What about physical limitations?
Children under 17 are not allowed to fly with our company. However, when the balloon is tethered all ages are welcome! The basket of the hot air balloon does not have a door in it. You must be able to swing your leg over and step onto the seat.

What should I bring?
 You do not need to bring anything. Your flight team will provide beverages as part of
 your flight package. Food will be provided per special arrangement. You will not need
 a coat in the summer time. The temperature only goes down 1 to 2 degrees per 1,000 feet up depending on the temperature at the surface. In fall or winter flights you will need to wear a light jacket or coat, again depending on the temperature on the ground

Is hot air ballooning dangerous?
Hot air ballooning is considered to be an extreme sport by some insurance companies. However, your pilot at Go Hot Air Ballooning has a perfect safety record and strives to make every flight as safe as possible. While it may be frustrating to have your flight cancelled because the wind speeds are up, your pilot considers it an issue of safety.

Is there any paperwork to fill out?
 Each passenger must waiver/assumption of risk form to you before the flight. Please fill this out and return it to your pilot before the flight. Our insurance company does not allow access to the chase vehicle or balloon without a signed waiver for each passenger. All passengers must be paid in full before the flight. 

 What can I expect from the flight and landing?
Balloon launches and flights are very peaceful. The only noise you hear is that of the burner. You can talk to people on the ground, watch deer and other animals below as you quietly fly over. Landings are usually soft, but can become a little harder if the wind picks up. On occasion the basket may lay over but this is common and part of the landing. Just keep in mind that hot air balloons travel the speed of the wind. So if the wind is ten miles per hour you will land at ten miles per hour. This is why wind speeds are so important to your pilot and why flights will be cancelled if the winds are too strong.

What is a tethered balloon ride? (Commercial tether)
A commercial tether is when a group or organization arranges for the balloon to be available for short rides up and down as the balloon is tied to the ground with ropes for stationary flight. Typically a company or organization will pay a flat rate and then rides for employees/guests are free. The balloon is tethered in one location and guests are taken up 30 to 50 feet off the ground and then brought back down. Tethered rides are not limited to commercial businesses. Tethers are available for birthday parties, church groups or any special event.  

I have other questions about hot air balloons or my flight......
Please email us at and we will make every effort to respond within 48 hours!   







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