Blue Sky Aerial Advertising, LLC.

Promotional Advertising and Marketing


"Don't Just Be Part of the Crowd! RISE ABOVE Your competition  Blue Sky Aerial Advertising, LLC. is Tulsa and Northeastern Oklahoma's ONLY full service hot air balloon advertising, marketing and aerial promotions company.  Through banner flights we will promote your business to the public in a way that is innovative and eye catching. Its time to RISE ABOVE your competition and advertise your business using hot air balloon promotions. We have flown banners and special shape iconic hot air balloons in several locations across the country, as well as right here in Northeastern Oklahoma. Some of these include Energizer (the Bunny), Famous Footwear (the Shoe) and of course our own standard shape balloons.  The banners we place and fly to promote your business are placed on the side of the balloon and are larger than a billboard (like the ones you see next to the highways), and are approximately 18 feet tall by 30 feet wide. This size could vary slightly depending on which hot air balloon a promotional banner is placed on.

Hot Air Ballooning is second only to NASCAR for product recognition. This makes it a great TOOL for your business and is a much more cost effective base for your marketing and advertising budget.  We look forward to showing you and your business how we can bring your name to the public and RISE ABOVE your competition in a very cost effective way. Below are just a few of the banners our company has flown in past years.

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